One Team One Dream

We've gathered to complete missions that are too challenging to accomplish alone. We understand the challenges ahead, but we firmly believe we can succeed.
But difficult missions don't just accomplish themselves. It requires a collective commitment and ongoing dedication to work towards a common aim.
When we all come together, walking in unison, genuine teamwork takes place and the once vague vision will gradually become clear.

Be honest from the heart

Game development and service begins with people and ends with people.
We diligently work to engage in meaningful communication with our dear colleagues who accompany us on this path.
We are grateful for the opportunity to undertake such a bold and wonderful challenge, and we make an effort to self-reflect and contribute positively to the team.
MJ CEO\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {MJ} \ \scriptsize\textsf {CEO}
SY Shin CTO\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {SY Shin} \ \scriptsize\textsf {CTO}
SANHA Artist\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {SANHA} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Artist}
JW Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {JW} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
YJ Designer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {YJ} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Designer}
JH BusinessLead\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {JH} \ \scriptsize\textsf {BusinessLead}
HJ Artist\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {HJ} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Artist}
ChaCha Artist\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {ChaCha} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Artist}
ksp Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {ksp} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
SunPak DL Engineer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {SunPak} \ \scriptsize\textsf {DL Engineer}
Hoon Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Hoon} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
Song DL Engineer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Song} \ \scriptsize\textsf {DL Engineer}
Julia PM\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf{Julia} \ \scriptsize\textsf {PM}
JHong GameDesigner\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {JHong} \ \scriptsize\textsf {GameDesigner}
YK Artist\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {YK} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Artist}
Alien TechLead\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Alien} \ \scriptsize\textsf {TechLead}
GB GameDesigner\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {GB} \ \scriptsize\textsf {GameDesigner}
Gimun DL Engineer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Gimun} \ \scriptsize\textsf {DL Engineer}
SH Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {SH} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
Elena Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Elena} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
Yeop Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Yeop} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
Jina OperationLead\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Jina} \ \scriptsize\textsf {OperationLead}
Y DL Engineer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Y} \ \scriptsize\textsf {DL Engineer}
Jin Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Jin} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
JDK Designer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {JDK} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Designer}
Qsun Designer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Qsun} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Designer}
James Producer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {James} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Producer}
HK Hwang Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {HK Hwang} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
Hailey CommunityManager\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Hailey} \ \scriptsize\textsf {CommunityManager}
Deborah BusinessPM\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Deborah} \ \scriptsize\textsf {BusinessPM}
OK ProjectManager\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {OK} \ \scriptsize\textsf {ProjectManager}
goro Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {goro} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
NJ Sever Developer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {NJ} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Sever Developer}
Eva Programmer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Eva} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Programmer}
Kim Technical Designer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {Kim} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Technical Designer}
HT Designer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {HT} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Designer}
77 Creative Designer\qquad \color{#d6166d}\textsf {77} \ \scriptsize\textsf {Creative Designer}