Content Creation Guide

[Magical Mic Duel: Senpai, Hear My Spell] CONTENT CREATION GUIDELINE

[Magical Mic Duel: Senpai, Hear My Spell] CONTENT CREATION GUIDELINE
Effective Date: 23/May/2024
You (“Creator” or “Creators”) wow us (“ReLU Games” or “we” or “Company”). You make us laugh. You inspire our fans, the game community, the Internet, and of course, our entire company. For these reasons, we have established a creator-first Content Creation Guideline that enables you to do what you do best when playing Magical Mic Duel: Senpai, Hear My Spell (the “Game”).
How Company defines “Content” 
It’s simple: If the content you create uses Game IP (see below “How we define IP”), we consider this to be Game Content. This can range from fan-made art, sites, videos and streams, to anything else your creativity inspires you to make.
How we define IP (Intellectual Property) 
Company and Game IP includes but is not limited to its lore, characters, images, music, and videos. To be safe, if you include content in your work which can be interpreted as representative Game Content, you’re using Company-owned IP.
Creator License
By creating content using Company IP, you agree to exempt Company from any legal conflict or related financial liability unless there is deliberate or gross negligence on our end.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Content Creation Guideline, please reach out to our customer service team, and we’ll get back to you promptly with an answer!
Contact us:
We like creativity! We’re not fans of content which simply re-posts content we have already released. If you love our new trailer, add your own spin to it! And that goes for anything you create!
Leaking upcoming Game information that is not authorized or not officially released is not ok, so please refrain from uploading anything that could be considered as such!
Friendly reminder: You are the owner of your creative content (subject to the Terms, please closely read those here ). But the owner of the copyrights of any Game IP in your content, is Company.
As Creator, it’s your sole responsibility to obtain permission from any third party whose IP you plan to use for your content.
Please make sure that the content you produce follows the community guidelines of the platforms where you choose to share your content.
Please do not use Company IP in any manner which could be misinterpreted as ‘official’ Game content.
If you wish to inquire about an official Game partnership or collaboration agreement, please send an email to
Any content which contains Game IP is subject to the Rules of Conduct (available here ), as well as the following Game Code Of Conduct:
Be aware. Your content should adhere to and not infringe on the regulations of the region you’ve chosen to broadcast or violate the rights of third parties.
Think before you speak! Derogatory and offensive content including remarks or comments about a race, ethnicity, skin color, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, country, religion, or group of people is strictly prohibited.
Use common sense! Content which contains provocative or otherwise obscene details inappropriate for the game’s age rating is strictly prohibited.
Leave your political views out. Refrain from including content which could be interpreted as having a political stance or opinion.
No hate speech. Offensive language or otherwise inappropriate comments or remarks that encourage hate or violence is strictly prohibited.
No mods. Impermissible game modifications, hacks, cheats, or devices that circumvent the intended protection of Company games and content that promote such activities are strictly prohibited.
Keep it classy. Content that defames, undermines or otherwise reflects poorly on Company, Game or any IP owned by Company is strictly prohibited.
Follow the rules and everyone’s happy.
We want to create a creator-first environment and ecosystem that inspires you to create freely and share your work with the world. As long as what you create and share publicly with our IP (or the IP owner of any of your content) is legal and compliant with the rules, everyone’s happy.
If your content does not follow the guidelines above, you’ll leave us no choice but to take action depending on the degree of violation, including legal action. In extreme cases, we may go as far as to suspend the posting of your content or even permanently ban any and all related accounts.
If at any time we decide to change or alter our Content Creation Guideline, we may do so without prior notice upon which any content you make must follow the adjusted Content Creation Guideline. Please note this Guideline is not exhaustive, and we reserve the right to object to any use of Company and Game IP and to remove such objectionable content at our sole discretion.
We're OK with you generating revenue from the content you make as long as you keep these points in mind:
Creators are free to generate passive revenue using Game IP, in the following scenarios:
Advertising revenue generated from non-monetized videos uploaded on video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.
Advertising revenue generated from a personal website using an ad platform such as Google AdSense.
Revenue generated from fan or viewer donations.
Revenue generated as part of a subscription service where streaming viewership of your channel is also available for free and not limited to subscribers.
Revenue generated from other platforms which Company has given you official written permission.
Company does not allow Creators to generate passive revenue in these scenarios:
Content you create which contains Game IP cannot be used if that content is in any way promoting or advertising non-Company game titles. This includes any sponsored advertising.
If you are promoting a non-Company game title, the use of Game IP is strictly prohibited, including sponsored advertising.
Content which contains Game IP and that can be interpreted as content creation made for the sole purpose of seeking profit is strictly prohibited. You may not limit to paid access, sell, or license your content that includes Game IP to others for payment of any kind. In particular, we do not allow you to create new content using Game IP if a paid subscription is required for people to access our specific content.
When it comes to generating passive revenue with your content, which contains Game IP, please stick to the main social media and video sharing platforms.
If your project, which contains Game IP, is outside the scope of these guidelines, we ask that you first make an official inquiry with us.
Q. What does Company IP mean exactly? 
A. Company IP is defined as any kind of content created by Company including but not limited to images, videos, game assets, logos, etc.
Q. Is it OK to make our own goods and merchandise using Company IP? 
A. We occasionally permit the production of goods for non-profit purposes. However, producing goods and merchandise for profit-seeking purposes using Company IP is strictly prohibited.
Q. Can I use Company IP to create original artwork or design elements for my channel such as illustrations, channel skins, or other audio and visual elements? 
A. Of course! What we do not allow is the selling of your original works which contain Company IP for your financial gain.
Q: Is it ok to use official Company IP in emotes for social media and video sharing platforms (like Twitch)?
A. No.
Q: Is it ok to use custom created artwork based on Company IP (like fan-made artwork, references, etc.) in emotes for social media and video sharing platforms (like Twitch)?
A. Yes. However, these are still subject to the emote guidelines of the particular platform, Company’s Content Creation Guideline (i.e., are not inappropriate or objectionable), and permissions requirements (i.e., if based on assets from a third party).
Q. Is there a case in which Company would directly remove my content post?  
A. After internal evaluation, if we decide that your content or any Company IP used is in violation of the Content Creation Guideline, then we can have any of the content in question removed immediately.
This Content Creation Guideline can be translated into other languages for the convenience of the players. In case of any discrepancies between the English version and the other versions, the English version shall prevail. However, Korean Content Creation Guideline shall prevail for Korean players.