Privacy Policy Agreement

(Mandatory) Privacy Policy agreement for “Magical Mic Duel: Senpai, Hear My Spell”
ReLU Games (hereinafter referred to as "the company") collects and uses personal information as follows for the stable service operation, provision, and improvement of the game "Magical Mic Duel: Senpai, Hear My Spell".
Purpose: Providing, operating, and improving game services
Personal information items: (Required) Character name, SteamID64
Retention period: 14 days from the time of achieving the processing purpose or the date of member withdrawal
(However, if there are special provisions in the law, it will be stored for a certain period of time in accordance with the relevant laws)
※ In the process of providing game services, service usage records (visit time (connection record), IP address, unauthorized usage record (sanction information), payment record), device information (OS information, device and model name, language used, advertising identifier, etc.), chat records (message sending and receiving history and device information), and cookies may be generated and collected. The information collected to prevent unauthorized registration and use will be stored for one year from the date of occurrence and then destroyed.
You have the right not to consent to the collection and use of personal information. However, as it is the minimum personal information necessary for providing the service, you must agree to use the service.
For more detailed information, please refer to the Privacy Policy.